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Critical mass times velocity gives you momentum.

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What is MXV?

MXV Ventures is a new project from the founders of Momentum (formerly Grant Farm) and Canvas Innovations to commercialize and grow early stage cleantech innovations. The founders have decades of experience starting things, growing things, and connecting people, ideas, and businesses.

Momentum has created over a billion dollars in value by helping non-profits, investment funds, and commercial clients scale and grow cleantech products, programs, and services through public/private fundraising, strategic advising, partnership development, government relations, and grant writing.

Canvas Innovations has over a decade of experience working with innovators, entrepreneurs, funding agencies, and research organizations to launch new ventures, improve performance of critical programs, commercialize early stage technology, and establish partnerships.

MXV Service Offering

The MXV team provides a powerful engine of growth for early-stage cleantech innovators, bridging the gap that so often stands in the way of their success. To do this, MXV provides a suite of services that are tailored to the needs of individual entrepreneurs and startups. This may include:

MXV develops a custom Campaign for each startup it works with, based on a needs assessment and the stage of the business or research program. MXV prefers to enter into longer term partnerships with its portfolio companies, helping them grow and scale over time. We believe this approach fits the nature of most cleantech innovation, which tends to have longer lead times for commercial development.

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We are currently beta testing our process with initial partners, but please stay tuned as we roll out our exciting full service offering.

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